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✅ Stand out as a leader
✅ Handle constant change confidently
✅ Lead your team to success with a clear vision
✅ Speed up your decision-making
✅ Learn future-proof leadership fundamentals fast

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What other leaders say about the course

Pascal van Dalen, VP of Sales @Picterra

«When you think you know it all, take this course and you will be shocked...! Excited to become a Data-Driven antifragile leader.»

Niina Sariola, Customer Lead  @ID BBN

«A very well-organised and inspiring course with practical frameworks and canvases that are easily applied to everyday work. I can highly recommend this course to everyone interested in developing their leadership skills in the modern data-driven business environment.»

Joanna Latko, Senior Director Retail Operations @PVH Corp. (Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein)

«I loved the way the course framed concepts of change and ways to get yourself and team ready for it. It has a refreshing format and kept me engaged in all the content learnings. Intellectually stimulating yet pragmatic and simple - I am already using the learnings in the way I think of future strategy.»

Henri-Dick Rondhuis, Owner & Management Consultant @TrevCom Marketing

«I absorbed a tremendous amount of positive energy and digital knowledge. The modules gave inspiration and a great toolset to activate a growth mindset and work towards a self-learning organisation!
I feel more than ever ready to dance with complexity ⚡ 💪 ⚡»

Vittorio Gualtieri, Head of Growth @Xriba

«In the European landscape, this Growth Tribe course is the best leadership course I followed in the last years. It has a method and a practical approach, which allow you to implement the changes necessary to build a better corporate culture.»

Leontine Dekker, Domein Lead Leningen Beheren @NN Bank

«Growth Tribe has helped me to combine all the great management books into an actionable plan of attack. At the same time, the course helped me to see things from a different angle creating new insights and aha moments. The course was well structured and even though it was online it was a comprehensive course for leaders.»

Learn from the best in business

Geraldine Schepers
L&D Program Lead EMEA, Community Ops @Uber
Angel Steger
Director of Product Design @Facebook
David Arnoux
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer @Growth Tribe
Bernardo Nunes
Head of Science
@Growth Tribe

Why you need this course

Save Time
Learn how to speed up your decision-making with the right frameworks.

Develop a better data intuition & implement your vision for change from the beginning of the course.
Get rid of Imposter Syndrome
Traditional management helped build some of the largest companies in the world. But things changed. And that can be confusing.

This course will give you concrete fundamentals of future-proof leadership in a matter of weeks.
Rapid growth that fits your agenda
All lessons are on-demand. You can choose when to fit the course into your weekly schedule and can adjust your plans as needed. The two masterclasses are the only live, real-time events in the course.
High-end networking
Collaborate with top leaders and find solutions to shared challenges together.

Share your knowledge and get unique insights into how other leaders overcame the challenges you’re facing.

Get the best canvasses and frameworks

Become an antifragile leader in just 6 weeks

6 essential skills, strategies and capabilities

Adopting a Growth Mindset at scale

Find the untapped potential in your company and learn how to let it thrive.

Data strategies

Use data to optimise your team (and company) performance.

Mental models for better decision-making

Learn to think more broadly so you can make decisions like the top tech execs.

How to build a self-learning company

Develop an experimentation mindset that lets you easily test new ideas and ship them faster.

Managing change

Constant change is the new normal. Learn how to lead through it.

What it takes to be an antifragile organisation

Find the untapped potential in your company and learn how to let it thrive.

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The course week by week

Trusted by top leaders

Corinne Vigreux
CMO @TomTom

«Growth Tribe is training the next generation of digital visionaries.»

Nikky Hofland Managing Director @Tech MeUp

«It can be quite difficult to know what are the best decisions to make when the business landscape keeps on changing all the time. Growth Tribe helped me wrap my head around the fact that embracing constant change was the only way forward. Our sessions gave me the right mental models, strategies and overall knowledge that I needed to steer the ship in the right direction. If you’re an ambitious leader, I really think you should join Growth Tribe’s leadership course.»

Ruben Nieuwenhuis Managing Director @Tech Connect

«Growth Tribe is my go-to partner when it comes to learning new skills that help me as a leader. Through their unique approach and training, I’ve been able to help my teams & company achieve great milestones in the past years.»

Gabor Kiss Head of Growth @Miro

«I’ve seen Growth Tribe train many leaders at our company and the results were incredible every single time. I don’t know how they pull it off but Growth Tribe always manages to find unique approaches that really help leaders take their work to the next level!»

Hugo Raaijmakers Global Head of Platform Innovation @ ING*

«The training Growth Tribe provided to our teams is of extremely high quality and catered to our business context. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to transform their business through education!»
* (when studying at Growth Tribe)

Klaartje Tulling Marketing Consultant @Louwman Groep

«I am convinced that the growth mindset is essential for companies to grow to their full potential in this fast changing world. Growth Tribe has provided me with the hands on methodology and insights to accomplish this in the different roles and projects I was involved.»

More than a training provider.
Growth Tribe is your learning partner.

Growth Tribe is a community of like-minded and forward thinking individuals who understand that learning should be an everyday experience, as well as an enjoyable one.


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Apply for the next cohort starting September 13th*

Admissions for the next cohort of the Growth Tribe Leadership Course are open. If your profile fits the requirements (see admissions criteria) and there are spots left, our Leadership Consultant will invite you to the course.



Hours per week


Live Masterclasses


Price for Growth Tribe alumni  € 850

Price for non-alumni  € 1100

Admissions criteria

This course is for Senior Managers, Directors, and VPs. People who want to drive the world forward. To lead differently.

✅ 6+ years of professional experience
✅ Involved in strategic business decisions
✅ Experienced team leader
✅ Strong initiative & willing to interact

❌ Entry Level
❌ Member of C-Suite in a large corporation
❌ Individual contributor
❌ Preference for learning alone

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FAQs for the Rethink Business Course

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How much does the course cost?

The course is still offered at the beta pricing of €850 for Alumni and €1100 for Non-Alumni.

Is it possible to take part in the course as a team training?

Yes we can facilitate learning pods participating but this will be assessed on a business case specific situation. In order to discuss this possibility please contact our head Leadership Consultant Sean Househam (sean@growthtribe.nl)

When does the course start?

The course starts on 13 September 2021. It will run for 6 weeks until 23 October 2021 (6 weeks)

Is this training seems to focus on the layer that reports to the management (C-Level)

The course is aimed at all those who manage a team and ideally C-level minus 2 and below (Managers, Senior, Director, Vice President), however depending on organisational structuring this can be flexible. Every individual will be assessed based on their unique application.

How many leaders are invited to participate?

75 leaders are selected from around Europe (with the exception of some from other continents on special request) to participate in each program. Those selected will be chosen in such a way as to ensure that a diverse group of leaders are brought together from various industries and size organizations.

Is the course completely online/video based?

Yes it is which allows learners to engage with the content at a time that is best for them. There are however 2 live Masterclass series which are interactive. If learners are not able to attend the sessions will also be recorded for later viewing/re-visits.

How is the Peer to Peer aspect facilitated in the course?

A1: You need to complete peer evaluation checklists to gain certification which helps people connect and give constructive feedback+experiences through our Learning Management System (LMS). We have a community platform where participants can join groups based on industry, topic, business type to connect and discuss more openly.

A2: Growth Tribe experts will be answering questions on the platform, but not all of them! We also host 2 live masterclasses where it’s possible to ask questions to either our growth tribe host or directly to an industry expert.

Does Growth Tribe provide formal assessments and accreditation?

We're not a traditional form of education, where we assess and grant you an accredited form of certification at the end of the course. With that being said though, you will get a certificate of completion which you can only get by completing the course, submitting your work, and interacting with peers based on a scoring system throughout the program.

What happens if I don't invest 1-4hrs a week into the course?

If you fail to dedicate the minimum time spend, you will not meet the required deliverables to gain the certificate for the course. There will be a point system that determines whether participants get their certificate or not, these points are assigned based on completion of content, peer evaluation & exercises.

What is the biggest value add for taking part in this course? (Why should I invest 1-4 hrs per week)

1-4hours is a lot of time we agree but the compound returns of learning and gaining knowledge in this arena is even greater. This course is aimed at helping drive impactful change in the leadership strategies of organizations which can have a far greater ROI than the time spent learning them.

How does the course achieve and aid its participants in transforming the theoretical learnings taught over the 6 weeks into concrete actions that can be applied in the workplace? Knowledge seems to always be gained but then never used in the past.

We believe that there are two reasons here. The classes or lessons are focused on awareness, not implementation. And they’re never presented as a cohesive package to drive digital transformation with urgency. While solving this with our journey, we also try to provide clear examples and use cases from digital-first companies and experts to inspire implementation in a more actionable way.

Will the content of the course be adjusted based on the outcomes of the capability scan?

The capability scan will be accompanied by a maturity scan to determine where opportunities for personal and company growth lie. This is accompanied by benchmarking / recommendations that help participants make better decisions when deciding what to focus on.

Does the course provide guaranteed networking success?

We will set the stage to connect to the right people by structuring our network in groups of professionals with the same industry, business type, or role! Next to that our course provides evaluation guides to drive meaningful conversations around the right questions and topics, but you are eventually responsible for networking activities like reaching out to peers or setting up a meeting to help foster relationships and peer learning.

Are the discussions held with Peers and Growth Tribe trainers confidential?

Yes, all learners will sign a statement of confidentiality and commitment before buying a ticket.

Does the course address my industry specific use cases?

We will provide best-in-class examples which might not always fully represent your industry or business model. If these use cases would exist, you would already be able to find them out there. The reality is that a lot of the things we teach are new and unexplored by a lot of industries. We expect you to take that leap and adjust the frameworks and methods to your companies needs.

Within this course am I provided with personal coaching or consulting?

Our internal and external experts will be available in the community and during the masterclasses to answer curated questions, but won't be available for 1-on-1 coaching or continuous support.

How does this course help with implementing my plan of attack within my own company?

Although we will provide you with frameworks for scoping, prioritization and implementation. This course is not focused on tactics or step-by-step guides for implementation nor will it go in-depth on technical details regarding topics such as data architecture or engineering. It is designed to be an enabler to help you better facilitate digitial transformation through various lenses.