Grow your business up to 8x with rapid experimentation

Learn how to run growth experiments in under 1 hour with Growth Tribe's free experimentation module.

“Businesses that create a culture of experimentation
grow 8x faster than businesses that do not.”

Harvard Business Review

More experiments lead to more learnings.

It’s impossible to predict how people will react in a fast-changing world.
In this course, learn how to test in order to increase results and minimize risk.

Get started with experiments in just 1 hour, for free.

Follow an on-demand free module and learn the basics of experimentation.
Growth Sprints
Learn the 5-step process in setting up an experimentation process at your own company.
One Metric That Matters
The key to experimentation is improving the one metric that unlocks future full-funnel growth
Experiment Types
Get familiar with the different kinds of experiments that companies have run to drive business results

Module 1: Intro into Experimentation

3 minutes

Module 2: Growth Sprints

8 minutes

Module 3: OMTM

21 minutes

Module 4: Different kinds of experiments

15 minutes

Module 5: Conclusion

7 minutes

More than a training provider.

Growth Tribe is your learning partner.

Growth Tribe is a community of like-minded and forward thinking individuals who understand that learning should be an everyday experience, as well as an enjoyable one.
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Experimentation benefits many profiles.

Marketers need to run experiments to reduce uncertainty and optimize their processes at every stage of the funnel. Run tests to drive improvements in process, validate your ideas, and build better results.
Product Managers
POs and PMs need to run experiments so they can continuously optimize their product’s design, reduce the risk of feature releases, and prioritize what should be developed.
(New) founders should especially be laser focused on regarding test selection, design, and prioritization. Entrepreneurs need to analyze their business model critically and select tests that matter the most at each phase of their journey.

You won’t learn from teachers,
but from real growth hacking veterans.

David Arnoux
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
@ Growth Tribe
David Arnoux is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Growth Tribe. For many years, David worked as a digital transformation consultant across multiple industries, building a solid track record of helping global business leaders implement customer-centric & growth strategies. To date, he has coached over 9,000 professionals and 500 businesses.
Thomas Heeg
Growth Marketing Trainer
@ Growth Tribe
Thomas Heeg is a hands-on trainer at Growth Tribe. With love for good UX, Creative Marketing and Data, Thomas has helped businesses like KLM, Heineken and Google as a digital strategist. Today, he trains people to implement the tools, tactics, process and mindset of Growth Hacking.

See what some of our participants say

The cross-functional UX Design course gave me everything needed to find a suitable job for me. I think it has the perfect combination of learning and hands-on experience. I would definitely recommend it!
Carlijn van Engelen
Product Designer
This course is a must-attend for both data enthusiasts and non-data specialists. I came into this course thinking it would be hard to follow, but the trainers and workshop itself made me understand that this is a skill set we can all learn and need now (not to mention the multitude of tools you get as well to start applying the learnings immediately).
Ali Fenwick
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer
Growth Tribe delivers extremely good value for money and they are able to make complex matters very accessible. Their workshops are fast-paced, easy to grasp and full of useful tools.
Jasper Mutsaerts
Startup Coach
As a brand and marketing professional, I found the course entry to approaching my work in a more data-driven and analytical way. I know I will start benefiting from this new knowledge from the first day back in the office. So the investment in terms of time and money will be immediate to both me and my company.
Merran Wrigley
Global Head of B2B Systems
I just really enjoy the way GT cuts all unnecessary and complicated things and motivates everyone to just go for it. Start, get your data right, make the right decision, fail and just adjust. Even from a corporate perspective it is liberating and just so true; just do it.
Nassim Cherifi
Business Analyst
If you need a course in which you want to learn every part of data analytics, this is the course!
Ramon de Ruijter
eCommerce Specialist
I was looking for a robust introduction to Data Analysis so that I could more accurately estimate my own abilities within the field. I got exactly what I was looking for and now feel confident to perform Data Analysis on my own projects :) Thank you so much GT!
Jordy Backes
Shopify Expert and Developer
This course is a great way to dive into the world of data analytics. Not only will it expand your knowledge of theory and tools, it also helps you put theory into practice right away. The instructors are extremely helpful and always willing to help you push your development further. Definitely recommend!
Nadine van der Wal
Global Growth Marketer
Growth Tribe challenges the status quo of universities / MBA programs / etc which have fallen behind in terms of teaching people skills for the data age. You learn far more in one of their 12-week classes than an entire top-tier 3-year degree.
Theodor Andrei
Digital Growth Manager
Never waste a good crisis. I'm happy that I followed this Growth Marketer online course. I can't wait to start testing all the new ideas I have from all the inspiration I gathered during this course.
Laura Spruijt
Digital Marketer
It exceeded all my expectations. I started it just after I got a new job as Product & Digital Marketer in a startup and the course gave me a huge boost. It was really practical, exactly what I needed and I could implement what I learned right away.
Zsófia Lele
Product Marketing & Growth Manager
The 12 weeks growth training for me a second to none experience. I already attended the 3 days crash course and decided I wanted to dig deeper. From the beginning on I loved to have peer to peer learning and the possibility to dive deeper with Daniel during the 1:1 sessions. He was just perfect in challenging some of my assumptions.
Simon Bernhard
Growth Product Manager