Join Growth Tribe's Internal Referral Program

Invite your colleagues / family / friends and win a trip to Bali for 2!

The rewards

The Triber with the most referrals wins an all-exclusive trip to Bali for 2!

We also have other prizes for our top referrers.

Terms & Conditions

Growth Tribe B.V. (GT) encourages its employees to promote GT’s courses. During certain periods to be determined and communicated by GT, GT wants to reward its employees for achieving outstanding results on referrals to GT’s courses. To the reward of referrals, the following Referral Campaign Plan (Plan) will apply.

The Plan applies to all employees of GT (Employee).

The Plan will be effective as of 15th December 2021 and expires on the 1st of March 2022. The Plan does not constitute a guaranteed reward even if it is rolled out repeatedly or regularly rolled out.

Entitlement reward
A referral under this Plan is someone you refer who has:
- registered; and
- attended the GT course; and
- using the STAP (in Dutch: Stimulering Arbeidsmarkt Positie) budget (Referral) and complies with the applicable rules and regulations. 

If for any reason, a person doesn’t attend the course and/or get access to their STAP budget the Referrals will not be valid. The Employee is entitled to a reward if they have reached the highest number of Referrals among other employees and these are notified and approved before 1st April 2022 (Reward).

If the Employee is entitled to a Reward, GT will provide the Employee with flights and hotel for 2 which has the monetary value of at maximum € 3000 before 30th of April 2022. GT is not responsible for any personal or other tax liabilities arising as a result of winning a Reward.