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Growth Tribe sent a team of 3 dedicated trainers for growth training focusing on skills and implementing rapid experimentation. Leading to the adoption of a Growth Mindset and the processes for rapid experimentation and improved digital and technical skills. 
- ING generated conversion uplifts of 88% 
- closed a 25K lead gap.

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Two dedicated Growth Tribe trainers worked together with five Amnesty International professionals from marketing to management positions. By adopting new ways of working, rapid experimentation, multi-disciplinary T-shaped teams, and data-driven decision making, they achieved game changing results for their campaign.
- 330% uplift in conversions for their “Write for Rights” campaign.

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Growth Tribe sent two growth teams with a dedicated budget and independent KPIs, each of which carried out a 3-month project. As a result, a Growth Mindset is imprinted in Vandebrons DNA. 
- Adopted a rapid experimentation process 
- improved digital and technical skills annual revenue increase of €260,000. 

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The Skills of Tomorrow 2021

Marketing & Data Edition | Europe
Why do 20% of businesses not measure the skills of their employees? Are you team Talkers or Doers? What skills do you need to learn today to future-proof yourself and your organisation?
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