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Alumni Story | Katie’s journey to the skills of the future

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Coming from a team that moves fast on the cutting edge of marketing innovation, Katie’s expectations of the 6-week immersive course at Growth Tribe were high.

Future-proofing on the frontline of growth

Katie’s journey to the skills of the future

About Katie

Katie Hudson ‘fell into the e-commerce industry’ after university. By the time she landed at Shopify, she found herself on the bleeding edge of growth marketing without having been formally trained, which, as she points out, is the nature of growth. 

“Everyone's on the frontlines of it, and you're just learning as you go. I had a lot of random growth marketing knowledge so going into the second half of the year, I made a decision that I wanted to upskill and formalise my education to build a stronger foundation.”

Working in international partnerships for Shopify, Katie realised that the company’s learning culture could help her invest in herself and her future. She was encouraged to constantly be learning, and a couple of colleagues had already attended Growth Tribe’s Growth Marketing Crash Course. Katie started looking into Growth Tribe as a way to fill the gaps in her existing knowledge. Her goals were to learn more about digital marketing, but also to dive into the more technical side of Growth and gain specialised expertise.

Why Growth Tribe?

“I just wanted to really be on my game and future proof my career, gain foundational knowledge, and take my career to the next level.”

Coming from a team that moves fast on the cutting edge of marketing innovation, Katie’s expectations of the 6-week immersive course at Growth Tribe were high.

Luckily, she was impressed right away by the attentive contact with the team, the onboarding, and the course itself.  

“Three hour sessions are the perfect environment to become bored in and zone out. But that didn’t happen with this course. It kept you constantly engaged. We went from short exercises to breakouts with partners, and there was always something more to discuss with the group. We would do really relevant practical exercises that related to whatever topic we were talking about. I just found it really well done.”

💡Did you know?
Participants in our courses can work on real-life cases and brainstorm experiment ideas with our expert trainers.

Growth Tribe has helped Katie with…

🚀 Implementing new frameworks

One of the most important things Katie gained was a framework to prioritise and rank experiments. Katie was able to implement new experimentation frameworks at work.

🚀 Approaching real-life challenges
The course enabled Katie to discuss real challenges her team was facing with the Growth Tribe coaches, and determine the best approach to generate real impact.

🚀 Making meaningful career moves
After taking the course, Katie made a move into a more technically involved role at the same company. 

“The skills that I gained from the course and therefore implemented in my job definitely helped me in my interview process to the next step.”

We asked Katie what she’d say to anyone considering learning Growth Marketing with us. Here’s what she said:

“If you want a course where you sit in front of a screen and listen to a PowerPoint, this is not the course for you. If you want a course that is actually engaging, practical and will let you use real examples that directly relate to your job, it's really helpful.”

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