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Alumni Story | Daniel’s Data Journey

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Daniel knew he wanted to boost his Data Analytics skills, and having heard from some friends about Growth Tribe, he decided to take the plunge.

Daniel’s Data Journey

Translating data to valuable insights

About Daniel

Before Growth Tribe, Daniel moved around from Spain to China and back to Europe, applying his engineering background to technical jobs. It might seem like engineers would be analysing data all the time, but in reality, it only came up every so often and never really took centre stage in his work. 

According to Daniel, he enjoyed working with data when it did come up in his more technical jobs, so making the step to learn more with Growth Tribe’s data education was a logical step.

💡Did you know? Growth Tribe’s Data Analytics course isn’t just for those of us with a technical background like Daniel. Our participants are super diverse, so if your background is not so data-driven, that’s no problem!

Why Growth Tribe?

“In the end, data alone has no value but the insights are the valuable stuff. I like doing a good job and having things done right. That's why having the skills to really understand what is going on through data is helpful.”

Daniel knew he wanted to boost his Data Analytics skills, and having heard from some friends about Growth Tribe, he decided to take the plunge. There’s a ton of information online, which Daniel points out, can be pretty overwhelming. However, the curriculum offered by Growth Tribe was what sealed the deal for him. 

“I really liked how the trainers combined different areas of expertise. Some people were really technical, some were more people-oriented. In the end, I think this is what you actually need in data: to have different people from different backgrounds to learn from all of them.” 

These days, Daniel is working as a Sales and Operations analyst at Philips. In his role, he’s able to leverage his data skills to make important connections between what the customer needs and what the company can provide. 

Growth Tribe has helped Daniel with…

🚀 Understanding the data ecosystem

According to Daniel, the most important thing he learned was the data journey that all companies need to follow. Getting an overview of how knowledge and skills link together to form a data ecosystem was key.

🚀 Launching independent projects

“I really feel that I have enough skills to start scaling my own ideas and capabilities. Without the course, this would have been really difficult to accomplish (but not impossible!)”

🚀 Gaining recognition

Daniel was named one of the top 26 talents under 30 in his field after being recommended by his company, Philips.

Congratulations Daniel!

Here's what Daniel had to say to anyone considering levelling up their Data Skills:

“Go for it. Because in the end, the skills you'll learn will definitely be valuable. Regardless of the journey that you take, data is really becoming more and more important. It doesn't matter if you come from a really technical background or from a less technical one, you will always benefit. So yeah, go for it!”

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