Growth Tribe Brand Relaunch 2021


We've relaunched the brand to mark our next chapter of growth!

We are taking an exciting next step to pivot towards being a digital learning partner, with fresh new branding, to help organisations rethink how they organise digital skills training for their employees.

At Growth Tribe we have been on our own learning journey, and so we needed our branding to reflect our new identity. To communicate that learning is never straightforward: setbacks, changes in priorities, technology updates, and the passage of time shape how people and organisations keep developing. Never has this been truer than during these times. 

We thought long and hard about how to convey our message. We want to fundamentally change the role of learning in the corporate world by pushing business leaders to rethink their current views on learning, measure the impact of learning programmes, and unlock huge growth potential. 

We started this process with a series of internal & external stakeholder interviews to ask the question: 

“What does the Growth Tribe brand mean to you?”

From these interviews, with employees and clients alike, we came up with Growth Tribe’s core characteristics. And then came plenty more brainstorming and sticky notes!

Next, we set out some mood boards to help guide us on this process.

We explored different directions.

Then, an idea began to form, and soon we felt confident that we had found the way to convey our new brand identity. Enter, the “Continuous Learning Journey Line”:

Learning is never straightforward, setbacks, changes in priorities, technology updates and the passage of time all shape how people keep developing.

Our graphic element, ‘The Continuous Learning Journey Line’, helps us express the pivots, changes, and ways we all have to learn, unlearn and relearn every day.

And we think it looks great!

Joe Derksen, Art Director & Graphic Designer of the rebranding said, “the Continuous Learning theme was a truly collaborative effort - everyone at Growth Tribe was so passionate about it. After several fails (which I know we love), it became the only obvious choice.

It was a simple story that could stretch and extend, move and grow. It's not always easy as a design element, but it rewards focus and exploration. All in all - a lovely metaphor for all of Growth Tribe.”

We are obsessed with the learning experience, and that’s what makes us unique. We believe that learning needs to be actionable, hands-on, enjoyable and measurable to be effective. And we’ll never stop looking for new ways to improve and develop the Growth Tribe learning experience over time.

We are very excited about our new branding and helping organisations to meet their own challenges head-on, and elevate their success through learning.

We hope you are too! 

Peter van Sabben CEO Growth Tribe