Hi, we are Growth Tribe!

Since 2015, we’ve been equipping people and organisations with the capabilities they need to adapt, grow and succeed.

Growth Tribe team
Growth Tribe team

Elevate humanity through learning

We help people and businesses to take advantage of the opportunities that digital transformation creates: to build the most in-demand digital capabilities, to adapt, grow and succeed.

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We’re a community of passionate learners

We are a tribe, a like-minded community with the shared aspiration to learn and grow. With our powerful alumni network of 16,000 professionals and more than 900 corporate partners we are making a real impact on the future of Europe by transforming the way professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses grow.

What We Do

Transformation through learning

Career Success

We design and deliver courses that equip adults with the cutting-edge digital skills demanded by businesses. We aim to empower learners with the mindset and tools they need to embrace everyday learning.

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Business Success

We help organisations accelerate transformation through learning. As a learning partner, we co-create blended programs that foster the behavioural and cultural changes they need to perform in a digital world.

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Learning programs focused on the world's most cutting-edge skills

Growth & Innovation

Rapid Experimentation
Digital Channels
Change Management
Agile Methodology
Digital Marketing
Business Modelling
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Branding and Culture

Data & Analytics

Data Visualisation
Data Storytelling
Data Analytics
Machine Learning
Statistical Inference
Data Project Management
Stakeholder Management
Data Strategies
Data Fundamentals


Service Design
Customer Research
User Experience Design
Omni-channel Strategy
Behavioural Science
Communication & Copywriting
Customer Lifecycle
Product Management

Mindset & Mental Models

Growth Mindset
Outside-in Mindset
Self-Learning Mindset
Data-Driven Mindset
Experiment Mindset
Productivity Mindset

Delivered through actionable, enjoyable and
learning experiences

Interactive Classroom Sessions
Personalised Coaching
On-Demand Learning
Workshops and Keynotes
why we do it

We believe learning has the power to elevate us all

And that’s why we’re here - to transform the way professionals and businesses learn and grow. To ensure human capabilities stay current, and businesses stay competitive.

We continuously move people forward by providing actionable, hands-on, enjoyable, and measurable learning experiences focused on the most in-demand digital skills and capabilities.

Advances in technology are happening faster than ever before, and it’s revolutionising the way we live, work and communicate. Organisations are adopting pioneering technology to stay both relevant and competitive. And as they push for innovation, the human capabilities in-demand evolve. Constantly.

This evolution means… new and exciting roles within entirely new teams, new opportunities to specialise or diversify, and new businesses opportunities sprouting up in entirely new industries.

But as new capabilities are demanded, others will fade into obscurity. Demand for people with high-level digital skills is greater than the supply of those very people with the right capabilities and expertise.

Welcome to the digital skills gap.

This is bad for people, it's bad for innovation, productivity and society.

That’s what we're here to help fix.

Our Continuous Learning Journey


A better way to help people grow

“How do you do this?” was a question our founders, David Arnoux, Peter van Sabben and Quentin Lacointa used to hear a lot while running a Growth Hacking agency in Amsterdam.

They quickly realised that companies were far more in need of education than consultancy.  So, in June 2015 Growth Tribe pivoted from consultancy to education and training.


Europe’s 1st Growth Academy

On the 9th of September 2015, the Growth Tribe Academy was launched.

This was Europe’s 1st Growth Hacking Academy, backed by StartupAmsterdam, Facebook and the Universities of Amsterdam (UvA).


The Crash Course

The Growth Hacking Crash Course is launched, allowing more professionals to rapidly acquire growth skills.

Growth Tribe partners with its first major corporate client ING to up skill their marketing teams.

Headcount: 6


A new home

Growth Tribe launches the part-time Growth Hacking Evening Course to accommodate growing demand from full-time professionals.

The team also moved into a new 560m2 campus at the Marine Terrain in Amsterdam.

Headcount: 10


Going international

Growth Tribe officially expands internationally announcing its first two courses in London, UK. 

Headcount: 14


Jumping into A.I.

The world’s first “A.I. for Marketing” course is officially launched, aiming to equip business professionals with an intuitive understanding of this rapidly evolving technology.

Group of people on the meeting

A training milestone

The community keeps growing as Growth Tribe hits the milestone of training 5000 people. 

Headcount: 22


The academy evolves

The original Growth Hacking Academy evolves into the Growth & AI Traineeship. A unique program that matches and trains high-potential growth talent for fast-growing companies.

In the same period Growth Tribe officially establishes itself as a corporate training partner.


The international Tribe expands

Growth Tribe heads to the Nordics with the launch of Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

A month later, Growth Tribe officially launched in France taking the total campus locations to 6.

Headcount: 50


Advanced training for a growing Tribe

The company hits the incredible milestone of training over 10,000 people.

The “Advanced Growth Hacking” course is launched exclusively for existing alumni in order to satisfy the demand for expert growth training.

Growth Tribe expands in the Nordics with the launch of Norway.


The next generation of data talent

The talent solutions product group expands with the launch of the 12-Month Data Translator Traineeship.

This comprehensive program matches trainees to companies and transforms them into “business-savvy” data scientists.  

Headcount: 50


Accelerated Transformation

Growth Tribe launches the proprietary capability scans for enterprise teams. The company partners with Philips University and rolls out learning-needs assessments and capability workshops.

The pandemic accelerates plans to take the campus-based courses online. Proving antifragility, Growth Tribe reinvents itself from an offline to an online education company in just 2 weeks.


The first fundraising

The first funding round is secured from Rinkelberg Capital Investment firm who invest €5 million to fuel further growth as online courses begin.


Online learning takes off

As the world settles into being remote, online learning takes off with the launch of new 12-week courses in Data Analytics and UX Design. The Tribe rapidly grows to hit the milestone of 15,000 trained. 

The company is also named as one of the Top 5 Hottest Scale ups in the Netherlands by TNW. The Growth for Good initiative is also launched helping NGOs acquire growth skills.


A growing Tribe

Growth Tribe is now a team of over 100, based on campuses in the Netherlands, UK, France, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. With people from 36 different nationalities.

The company also partners with the TechMeUp initiative to provide study loans to underrepresented groups in tech.

Growth Tribe team

Education with Impact

We believe that education is a path to a better world. We’re therefore proud to be involved in several initiatives that help elevate education for all.

Growth for Good

Empowering those working towards a better world with the digital skills they need to get us there faster.

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Working towards diversity in with interest free study loans for under represented people to enrol in tech-related education.

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Dutch Edtech

Working towards diversity in with interest free study loans for under represented people to enrol in tech-related education.

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You can now find us across Europe. Come join us on a campus near you!


Marineterrein Kattenburgerstraat 5, Gebouw 027E, 1018 JA Amsterdam

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Matrikel1, Højbro Plads 10, 1200 Copenhagen, Denmark

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Mikonkatu 9, Epicenter, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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48 Hoxton Square, Hackney, London, N1 6PB, United Kingdom

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EpiCenter Oslo, Edvard Storms gate 2, 0166 Oslo, Norway

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33 rue lafayette, 75009 Paris, France

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Digital skills for all types of learners

We design courses that match an array of different learner needs. 

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Immersive courses and coaching programs help individuals successfully master new capabilities that unlock new career opportunities.


Our programs help professionals boost their careers with skills that keep them at the cutting-edge of their domain.


Learning programs covering the most in-demand digital professions give individuals and teams the opportunity to acquire truly cross-functional capabilities.

Leaders & Changemakers

Our crash courses are designed to give busy forward-thinking leaders an intuitive understanding of emerging digital domains, strategies and processes.


We partner with organisations to enable them to address the most pressing digital challenges by building enterprise-wide capabilities at scale. Some recent projects include:

Takeaway.com is growing rapidly whilst tapping into new evolving technologies. We’ve partnered with Takeaway to educate their leadership and workforce to become more data-driven and internalise an experimental Growth Mindset.

ING set on a mission to make their people and teams more data-driven and autonomous, working with a test & learn approach. We delivered training and coaching to 500+ people and teams as part of a custom-built program

To stimulate the development of their data capabilities Ahold developed a Data Academy. Growth Tribe supports Ahold’s analysts to increase their Advanced Analytics and Data Visualisation capabilities in order to reduce the Last Mile Problem. Growth Tribe also helps upskill their Data Scientists & Finance department in Data Storytelling & Visualisation techniques.

We’ve partnered with Tomtom as a key digital talent and training partner. We’ve delivered training and talent for innovation, agile, growth, data science and digital capabilities.

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